Program Details: Starting @ $74.99 / per session

TSC Indoor Cycling offers FTP bike testing sessions for triathletes and cyclists of all abilities. What is FTP you ask? Simply put, functional threshold power (FTP) is a fancy way of saying "this is how much power I can produce, on average, for one hour of cycling". Why is this statistic important? As a cyclist, you can use the results you get in a few different ways:

1. Track improvements in fitness:
By testing your FTP regularly, you will know if you are getting fitter on the bike.

2. Learn how to pace properly:
Let's say your FTP is 200W. By riding with power a few times, you'll start to learn that 200W at the start of a ride feels a lot easier than 200W at the end of a ride. Maybe you actually rode at 250W for the first half of your test, and could only maintain 150W for the second half. The next time you ride, you will likely be able to improve your performance by riding at a lower power output to begin with.

3. Establish power "zones" for training:
If you own a power meter or have access to one, you can use your FTP number to create your own personal power zones, which are all based on a percentage of FTP. This will allow you to train at the proper intensity for your goal event.

4. Identify potential bike fit and pedaling
inefficiencies:Just like how two bikes are not made the same neither are two people and for this reason it is imperative to maximize your bike fit and decrease your pedaling inefficiencies early on in your training. Our team of highly trained kinesiologist and professional atheles cna analyze your movements in a way to increase your overall output quickly; while preventing injury.

What's Included?

  • FTP Test
  • FTP Test Analytics and Review